About Forgeholm

Forgeholm will be the settlement founded by the Deepforge company of dwarves and dwarf friends. Forgeholm will be a dwarf-themed settlement and dwarf sensibilities will drive settlement development. The settlement will focus on activities in keeping with dwarf lore: crafting the best quality items, warfare against orcs and our traditional foes, and defence of our home. In keeping with our industrious population, the settlement alignment will be LN. Non-dwarves are however welcome, as are any who would wish to settle around Forgeholm and take advantage of the resources we can provide. Forgeholm will be governed by the chieftain of the Deepforge company and a council of elders which will include representatives of sponsored companies developing PoIs and structures around Forgeholm. We welcome sponsored companies of any sort, whether they be a clan of halflings running a manor PoI, an order of monks running a monastery/temple PoI or team of miners.

"You don't find gold by licking the rock."
Forgeholm will be a place dedicated to the virtues of industry and commerce. It will be a place where craftsfolk will have access to an abundance of facilities supplies and markets. Through labor and cunning trade Forgeholm will rise to greatness.

"The law is older than your blade."
A spirit of cooperation is what binds the citizens of Forgeholm to one another. Through our dedication to order and sense of community we will build a realm where honest folk need not fear the predations of the savage and lawless.

"He who fears death invites it to visit."
The Warriors of Forgeholm will not stand idle simply watching the world outside our walls. We will fearlessly delve into the caves and mountains seeking riches and slaying the dark things that would topple what we have built. Our army will march to the aid of our friends and allies making sure they never stand alone.

"Better wrong with your clan than right with strangers."
Above all Forgeholm will be a community of friends sharing a favored play style and commitment to their virtual home. If you love playing a dwarf or simply enjoy the company of the forthright and honest then you could not find a better place than Forgeholm.

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